Sunday, August 24, 2008

Current work in progress...

The blog has been strange lately. Maybe it's the holiday season but I have gone from a steady double figures back to almost zero everyday for my traffic stats. I don't know why so I will just keeping posting and ignore the stats. Besides I've been busy with this latest work and life in general.

The above is a diversion from landscape painting in the traditional sense and not typical recent work. It's an idea I have had to create a really atmospheric painting of the sea. It is just moving beyond the initial stages and has a long way to go. As I have no photo to work from, I am having to figure out the balance of colour and shapes as I go. So it is taking longer than usual. I might start another painting while keeping this on the go as this is a large enough painting and is taking it's time. Also I want to keep working on more saleable works. So I will look at what else I shall start over the next while. At the moment the people in the background are liable to be changed somewhat as I am not happy with the way I have sketched them so much. When I get this finished to my satisfaction I will post the completed image.

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Helen Read said...

The strange numbers happen. I've noticed the same thing from time to time, too! weird!