Saturday, May 2, 2009

Current News - Auction Result Nora Dunne Gallery Auction

Its been a while since I updated as I have been concentrating on a rather time consuming painting. I won't post pictures until it's finished - just to say it is rather intricate and as always I am trying my best to get it right. I hope you will find it worth the wait if you are interested in coming back to see it. I have been working two and a half weeks on it so far and it is close to complete. Another few days should see it there, or as good as I can currently get it.

I am trying out various subject matter and ideas, all of which I am choosing to help me learn and improve painting various items. I could stay painting things that are easy but I know I will not improve as quick that way. I intend to push my ability as much as possible. That's something I have always believed in, as the only way to improve. I also have to be somewhat consistent however in style and overall themes, purely from a marketing viewpoint - so it's a fine balance to try out new stuff.

Something I am reading about at the moment is brushwork and brushstrokes, as this really is the core of all painting. I haven't incorporated so much of what I am reading in the latest picture but will do so in further work. It's really a case of planning ahead, and also it takes time to ingrain newly learnt methods of working. Hope that I can be disciplined enough to do what I say. It's so easy to just keep painting the same way as before and not think before applying the paint brushstroke in the right way. There's a bit more to improving than meets the eye. That's one thing I realise, and really is the reason so many people find it hard to do so. You really have to understand, learn and practice what the instruction books teach. Understanding the techniques is the first step but not always the hardest. Often techniques that look easy are tricky when you try to repeat them. The kind of things I am reading about are how to paint lamplight, candlelit scenes, outdoor evening light with artificial street sign lights, dull overcast or misty light, ripples in water, strong summer day light, winter light etc. The list of things that have to be learnt and learnt well if you are to really get good is tremendous. Again that's why even though there are a lot of good artists out there, as a percentage of all artists and the general population, their number is very small.

Auction Result.

Last 19th April my painting of Clare Island was sold in a no reserve auction. The bidding started at a low of approx. 30 euro. for all items, and went from there. My painting sold for 200 euro. I am pleased with that for my first real auction.

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