Thursday, July 23, 2009

Howth Head Painting Progress - Day 2

This is the second progress shot from my painting -- Howth Head from Portmarnock Beach, showing the undercoat painted for the sky. I used Cerulean Blue and Titanium White, and also tried something I hadn't before, Liquin impasto for to thicken the paint a little. It gives a thicker feel to the paint, and lessens the transparent look of undercoat painting. The paints I use are Artists Oil Colour grade, so have the most intense pigments. I think it shows in the final paintings, so I am glad I invested the extra when I bought them, although they were costly at the time. I bought twelve or so colours (spaced equally around the colour wheel) at the time I replaced my old paints, about two years ago. I didn't have so much time today to work on painting, so this is it for now. As the underpainting progresses, the main thing I want is to build the feeling of a certain type of light into the painting and to create the feeling of depth and distance. For me, as for most people, this is an ongoing learning curve. However, I do feel I am making some progress in that department. So comments welcome, as I post more shots of this painting's progress.
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