Friday, August 21, 2009

Paintings of Ireland -- Pontoon Bridge, Mayo.

This is the final photo of my Irish Landscape -- Pontoon Bridge, Mayo. I have used a lot of different colour mixes in this painting, using the colour theory I have learned over the last few months. I use Artists Grade oil paints so that the pigment levels are high in the paints. I have concentrated on creating the feeling of a warm summer day but with the every present changeability of the Irish weather. I paid special attention to tone as much as possible, so that the three dimensional feeling is as strong as possible. My darkest shadows are at the foreground and the highest contrasts also. I am very pleased with how this painting turned out. Comments and criticisms welcome. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the below progression shots. See the start of this painting by going to Pontoon Bridge - the beginning. Drop back in the next few days for to see further work...

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