Monday, October 5, 2009

Connemara Paintings -- Ashleagh Waterfall Painting

Ashleagh Waterfall -- Connemara
This is my latest addition to the world of art, painted from a photo taken from my parents trip to Mayo and Galway last year. It is Ashleagh waterfall (Aasleigh also ) which is just outside the picturesque village of Leenane. Leenane was the village used in John B. Keane's film The Field and also this waterfall was used in the film too I believe. I used a combination of colours that I thought would add more interest to the scene and so they may not be exactly true to life, but I liked the combinations that I tried so went with them. Comments and criticisms are always welcome -- so feel free to leave them. This painting is for sale -- so if it doesn't sell before November / December I will probably try to sell it in Auction (if it is accepted) or Art Fair. Either way, if things keep going as they have all year, most of my paintings are selling within a few months. Fingers crossed that I can continue to build on this success. Thanks for all that follow the blog and tell others about my art! Until next post -- as they say in the States... Have a nice Day! Jim