Monday, December 27, 2010

Portrait Painting -- in Oils

The above is my first attempt at portrait painting, using a photograph of my niece. I am using techniques which I have learnt since taking up a class in the summer. I painted it back in October but as it was a secret present for Christmas, I couldn't post it then. Anyway, my niece has changed her appearance quite a bit since the summer when the photo was taken, but I include the photo for viewers to compare. Below is a closer view. Comments welcome, regarding how you feel I succeeded or didn't, thanks ... Wishing all blog readers a Happy New Year, Jim

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter in the Woods - New Painting in Progress

Winter in the Woods
The above is the first look at a painting I began today. This shows the initial progress, as I am drawing the painting as I paint it, and not drawing it in beforehand. I am using Prussian Blue and Raw Umber to paint the dark in the trees and adding Cadium yellow to the mix to produce a lighter colour in the edges. I also add Titanium White to the mix of blue and umber to obtain the greyer shades in the foreground. The sky is straightforward Cerulean Blue and Titanium white, with more white than usual to create the colder look to the sky. I am going to add touches of other colours such as ochres and reds as I progress, but that's it for now, so enjoy. Check back to see further progress updates of this and other works which I have on the go at the moment. Comments welcome, thanks Jim

Friday, December 10, 2010

Finished stilllife, Wine glass with bottle and fruit in bowl.

Above is my finished still-life painting of wine and wineglass with fruit, which has been something different from my usual subject matter. I have been seeking to learn more techniques and painting still-life subjects is something I have little previous experience of, so I was interested to do this painting. I have learnt a lot from it, and it is another step forward in my ability. I hope you enjoy it and comment if you feel like it. I like to hear some feedback what you think. I am moving on to next paintings now, one of which is an outdoor scene again, of a meadow and an oak tree. I will show some photos over the next while. Bye for now - Jim