Friday, June 20, 2008

Up and Running...

Just to share a little background..I was reflecting on why I started this blog. One of my principle reasons I feel is to share my art with a broader audience, as well as my friends and relations. And wishful thinking, I hope it will somehow encourage me to paint more, as I am currently holding down a different line of work. However from time to time when not working I drag myself back to the "studio" currently my living room and even if it's just for a short hour or two it all adds up. So I hope to become a more productive painter.

It was a few years ago I felt that it was time to loosen up and paint quicker, so like sprinting I set myself a time trial. Three hours to produce a painting, no more. Whatever was done in that time was it! Well I made a few interesting attempts and quite surprised myself with what could be achieved in a short time. Since then I have looked at many Plein Air sites and seen how various artists do this on a regular basis. It really was great to see the freedom and looseness in their styles of painting. It made me realise how intense I had been in some of my work. A measure of that intensity can be seen in Desert of the Blue Stones, which took me quite some time to produce. I might never devote this much time to a painting again, but I might achieve work of a superior standard if I can draw on the examples of other artists who have mastered the use of colour and light. Looking at their works I came to appreciate that mastering the use of colour is paramount to producing your best art.

So this week I might get around to doing another "time trial" and post it here! The image above is an example of an earlier time trial.

The skill level I am currently at is a work in progress. In the pursuit of improving I have looked at hundreds of paintings and read countless books on how to paint, especially the use of colour and light. This has definitely been of benefit and I would like to think I have progressed in the past few years. In that time I have also studied the more practical side of marketing and selling. Yet I still feel if I was never to sell anything I would be a success if I could be happy with the quality of the work I produce. So thats where I am at the moment. The work I am producing now has a more rounded consistent feel to it than my earlier work and I really feel that I am approaching some level of satisfaction with my work. I hope that this blog will be an interesting voyage for me and encourage others to improve their artistic talents!!

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