Thursday, June 26, 2008

One week old....and counting.

The blog is one week old and is starting to take shape a little. I've learnt a log about the blogosphere. I intend to post two or more times a week on a regular basis. I shall try to show new work as frequently as I can. Thanks to everyone who has visited so far, I appreciate your interest. Please feel free to comment on anything you choose. I appreciate feedback too! And please share this site with any friends who like art. I hope to post interesting and useful information on learning to paint, including some demonstrations of paintings in progress, alongside paintings which I will have up for sale. I am interested in poetry so shall post a poem on occasion, as a diversion from art. Thanks again to all who visited in the first week. Enjoy today's poem...

West wind, where doest thou blow
The small rain down can rain
God, that my love were in my arms
And I in my bed again.

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The Minimalist said...

I really like your blog. I will link it to from my blog:
I am always looking for new artists to learn from. Cheers!