Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some older fantasy work and ...New Painting - Grand Canal Dublin, Ireland

The above is an image from my earlier fantasy work. This is called Inverted Desert, and as you might have noticed is a digital inversion of the original Desert of the blue stones, shown below.

Grand Canal Dublin

Up on ebay reserve of $80 (euro50) with frame, see here.
Here is my latest painting - this was a painting a day type experiment. This was done on a masonite panel which is 7mm thick which I cut to size 6 " x 8 ", and then gessoed. The sky is actually very light blue but seems to be more colour saturated in the scanned view. The reality is a slightly paler blue. This painting comes with a white light wooden frame which I made for the painting. It is therefore ready to hang. If you like it please feel free to comment.

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Francis Shanahan said...

Looks good Jim. Glad to see you developing an online presence. Some other resources you might find useful are Flickr and Youtube. Can't wait to see the next "speed painting" adventure. You might inspire me to pickup a pencil again.