Wednesday, August 20, 2008

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Red Vineyard at Arles

The above is the only painting ever sold by Van Gogh during his life. It sold for 400 francs in Brussels in 1890 a few months before he died. It is now in the Pushkin museum in Moscow.

Some news of interest to my art progress - I have received a promotional email from a site I registered on, . A few months ago while in the process of getting up to speed in the art market, I came across this site. They specialise in displaying new artists to galleries in Ireland. They have connections to all galleries in the country and encourage new artists to register and upload works for galleries to review. They also trawl their own site looking at the art that is uploaded and then contact the galleries to see if they are interested. I have uploaded several works done recently, and maybe it will help. In the email they are inviting artists who registered to display new works. One of the things I have begun to see is a consistent style in my work, which is a somewhat useful development. This is something all galleries seem to want, so it can't be a bad thing. Still, that shouldn't mean I don't gradually refine and improve my style.

And the catch... well none so far, no cost and free advertising for my art, but one unusual thing and actually I like this fact... You can't see the art you upload, only the galleries that are registered to the site can see it. So also can people who register as collectors. But the general public and artists can't see the art they upload or other artists upload. I might register as a collector!

Finally they also are now receiving interest from galleries in the states and elsewhere for art and have started compiling a list of the artists who wish to be considered. I might think about that although shipping to states is costly.

Check back during the week as I may upload a few shots of a new work which is a bit of a diversion from recent work. I am including some people in it - something I don't do enough of I am beginning to think.

Reflecting on this blog process, my brother advised me to pace myself and I have to agree. I posted a lot of stuff in the first two months as I wanted to form a base of articles to get the blog up and running. I can't keep that pace up but will definitely stay posting on a less frequent but still consistent rate, hopefully two or three times a week. And as I improve at painting and mixing colours I am learning and getting slightly faster all the time, so I hope to have more and better quality work being finished to post here as time goes on. So exciting times ahead for this yet to be discovered artist. Who knows whether I will be the next artist to watch. One thing for sure, I'm learning the value of momentum. Does it apply to becoming collectable as an artist in the same way it seems to apply to blogging. Time will tell...

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