Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My oldest drawing and other things...

My first drawing!
The above is most likely not my first but it is the oldest drawing I possess. I drew it when I was six which is a long time ago now! I may be a bit bious but I am kinda proud of it. I wanted to get an electronic record of it and while doing that I said I might as well put it on the blog. Actually I have now digitally photographed a lot of paintings that otherwise I never bothered to before, since the blog began. And over the weeks and months I shall show them in stages.

Complimentary and Complementary Colours
Probably the biggest mistake in the art world vocabulary, I'm guilty of this myself. In the interests of search engines my article on complementary colours sometimes calls them complimentary colours. What's the difference?

Well complementary colours look good side by side, they complement each other.
Complimentary colours are ones that probably like to say nice things about each other!!!

Now as for color and colour...

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