Monday, August 18, 2008

Two Months of Blogging!

Wow- two months of blogging, does that make me a veteran yet? Actually I feel that the blog is beginning to take on a tiny bit of momentum. If it was lying on a slab in the morgue, I'd say that I just saw the big toe twitch. Hope rigor mortis doesn't set in soon,... From looking at the stats I have received hits from 42 of the 50 states in USA!! So thanks America. Visits per day are averaging in low double figures and rising slowly. Europe is a different story. It seems most searchs are not in English. Top countries have been USA, UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia/New Zealand. The fact that more people are seeing my art than the static website I have is encouraging, and I find the blog interaction great. So thanks to all those folks who take the time to comment, much appreciated.

I've been thinking also about the structure of the blog. I want to collect all my paintings together into one spot where they can be viewed quickly. I need to set up a gallery page for that - so that might be next week. All in all, the experience is a great learning curve and I highly recommend it to anyone artist or anyone who has a hobby they want to share. So I will post again in future on progress and hope that progress will keep me motivated. It's a circle of momentum it seems, one leads back to the other. The main purpose of the blog is to raise my profile as an artist and sell paintings. From what I can see I really need to kickstart my presence on Etsy, so that will be my next little project. When I get set up be sure to check for me there... I'll post links on this site. Thanks Jim


Francis Shanahan said...

Pace yourself.

Helen Read said...

Don't lose heart! Keep blogging regularly and keep visiting other blogs! People find you!!!
Congratulations on 2 months! :)

Jim Shanahan said...

Thanks Helen, Thanks Fran. I will do my best.