Thursday, September 25, 2008

Drawing People

Drawing people is something I don't do enough of, although I consider it an essential skill as an artist. People are one of the most common elements that you may be required to put in a painting. They create interest in what can be an otherwise vacant scene. Immediately, they raise questions in the viewers mind. Who is that? What are they doing, thinking, expressing... etc. They make people study the picture in more detail, and viewers sometimes remember similar instances in their own lives. Perhaps someone in the painting is buying flowers, looking at a street busker, or going somewhere. Perhaps they are just enjoying a quiet moment. Either way - the presence of a person in the scene will completely change the atmosphere and message of the art. Here's a sketch I did in biro a while back and was just to practice. I never meant it to be anything other than that. Enjoy it for what it is.

I will continue to be very time short over the next two months unfortunately from art side of things. So bear with me and check back from time to time.

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Linda Blondheim said...

This one is really nice. Really beautiful.