Monday, September 29, 2008

Seeing is believing...Can the brain control Colour Perception?

This is just to illustrate how important it is to be aware of colour combinations and how one colour can influence another. Can you believe that A and B above are actually the same colour? You better believe it, because they are! If you are an unbeliever then try a cut and paste. This goes to prove how much the brain interprets our reality for us. Colours appear to change when placed beside different colours - so we can enjoy a lot of fun when experimenting with the best combinations. Experience helps then to choose the best combinations or ones that give a desired effect. If you find colours that go well together, keep a notebook and write them down. Build up a reference file of colours you like together. It will be well worthwhile.


Jack said...

I like your work. The site looks fantastic.

Marian Fortunati said...

I think I may HAVE to do the cut and paste!
Wow what a wonderful illustration to teach us!

Helen Read said...

Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing this!