Thursday, September 18, 2008

World's oldest man is 113 today!

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A bit of a diversion from art, but I am interested in the oldest inhabitants of this planet and there are now only a few people left who were born in the 1890's. Tomoshi Tanebe is one of them and today in Japan he celebrates his 113th birthday!
Hope he enjoys it!
The oldest ever person was Jeanne Calment, and getting back to the art theme, she met Van Gogh when she was 13. It was 1888 and he came into her uncle's drapery shop to buy some canvas material. He spoke with her briefly, and she remembered him as being somewhat rude, sick-looking and contrary. So that was a fairly good assessment of his personality I would think.
She died around 1997 or 1998. She spent her whole life in Arles in the south of France. She cycled until the age of 100 and lived alone until she was 110!! Photo gallery of Jeanne Calment.

Also this year as of today there are 12 remaining soldiers from the first world war still alive, most of whom did not see active combat. All are on the allied powers side, France, Britain USA. In May this year the last remaining central power soldier ( Germany, Austria-Hungary side) died. There is only one survivor from the horrific western front trench war still alive. His name is Harry Patch. He is 110. He is the 9th oldest man in the world. Harry Patch biography. Harry is affectionately known as The last Tommy.

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Helen Read said...

Thanks for that interesting post, Jim! These elders are so amazing!