Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting organised...Prints for sale from an emerging artist!

The above is an illustration I dug out while going through my files. It was a bit of drawing practice and I am not really sure when I did it, maybe two years ago or less. I am pleased with how it turned out as I drew it entirely in ink and one mistake meant it was finished and couldn't be corrected. So it forced me to really focus. Having said that I wouldn't recommend to do this, it is very unnerving if you are afraid of making a mistake!
This week I am getting some paintings photographed professionally to enable me to make prints. So very soon I will be able to offer a range of prints in various sizes and on various surfaces, ranging from archival quality paper to canvas. Check back over the next while and you will be able to see as I set up the prints for sale section of the Etsy shop or offer them for sale at prices which are more affordable than the originals. Also I will be able to sell images of which before I didn't want to sell the original.
I have been busier than anticipated over the last while and shall post more progress as I get the chance on the recent paintings... pontoon bridge and clare island. In the meantime why not explore some of the rest of this blog...there's lots to see!

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