Thursday, December 4, 2008

Etsy shop prints now on sale...Visit ShanahanArt

This week I have made a series of paintings available as prints on my online Etsy store called ShanahanArt, so click on the link and follow on over to see them... you never know - you just might be tempted. And if not, check back in a short while as I will be making more of my favourite paintings available when I am happy with print colour quality. So far I have a few ready as high grade laser prints, shipping in postal tubes. I'm using the laser printer option for now and might try the more costly inkjet process at a later stage. Keep following the blog if you want to see how I am getting on or if you have an interest in my art. Some people in the print shop admired the prints so that was a sign of some interest being generated. Thats it for today...Jim

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Robin said...

Best wishes on your blog, your etsy and your fabulous new sales technique! Robin