Sunday, February 22, 2009

Latest Work -- Le Mer de l'Herbe

Here is a few more photos showing progress on my current painting. It is 20" x 16" and oils on canvas. I have taken each photo about an hour apart. I am working from a photo. The girl and the little dog are from my imagination. I spent a lot of time on getting the drawing accurate as I felt I wanted to stay true to the photo and not lose the overall feeling that it gave. The photo is from copyright free photo gallery.
The colours I used for the sky are cobalt blue and titanium white. I am mixing the greens from various combinations of cadmium yellow with manganese blue or cobalt blue, and adding titanium white as necessary.
All of what is shown here is really the underpainting, and there is quite a lot to do beyond that stage as anyone following the blog will have seen in previous demonstrations.

This is where the painting is at at the moment, about one third of the way I would think. It's shaping up reasonably ok, although I am not sure I won't change the name, and the green seems a bit too emerald - so will work on that. I think this image has a lot of potential to be a beautiful painting, reminiscent of all those lazy summer days we all have enjoyed at some stage in our lives, so I will enjoy putting in the effort on getting it just right. There is still a lot to do - hope you will enjoy seeing the progress and check back during the week when I will be updating...

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