Monday, March 30, 2009

Deer in Snow Painting Update and Oldest Person?

Deer in Snow -- Online Demonstration
Here is an update on my latest painting. The above is where I am at with it, at the moment, after many hours of painting and drawing. The below is an earlier shot. I am building this painting up slowly in layers, using ideas I have gleaned from other artists work. I am not just painting the same old same old, but trying to incorporate what other good professionals are doing, into my work. It's a little slower at first but will help me speed up on other paintings once I learn their techniques. The aim is more realistic paintings. I think it is paying off a little in this painting as I like the way the trees are turning out so far...

Mixing Tree Colour
I have taken some time to work out the best colour mixes. In doing this I have learned how to get some nice colours for the background areas. An example is the trees to the right in the lower background. For these I mixed approx. 60% Prussian blue with 40%Cadmium red to get a dense blue black. If I reverse the mix proportions it becomes a browny black. The difference is subtle but very useful for giving warmth or coolness to the colour. I then added Titanium white to the bluey black to get the various greys that make up the trees branches. The trunks of the trees are raw umber which I allowed to dry before painting over with the darker greys that I got from the above mixing.

Worlds Oldest Person - Sakhan Dosova, Latest Candidate?
Anyone who followed this blog last year will know I am interested in this topic, so today there was some rumours in the news of a woman that is 130 just in the last few days!! If it is true and there is a little skepticism to say the least, it will really be a milestone. One thing is true, she is a remarkable individual, but the next few weeks will confirm the truth of her claim. Here is the link to read her story.That's it for now and call back in a few days or so to see the finished painting.

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Helen Read said...

This is coming along nicely. I look forward to seeing your final posting on it! :)