Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reference Photos and Finished Work

The above are some of the reference photos I have been gathering together, all of which are available in the public domain. I will use some of them, most lightly as backgrounds to scenes containing wildlife such as deer, birds etc. I choose these for the atmosphere and unusual lighting. Scenes of really wild places such as these, I find really enjoyable to paint, although I wonder how saleable such paintings could be. Therefore I will attempt one soon and see how that fares out.
I was at the gallery today, and left in my latest painting for sale. I changed the name - I renamed it "Promenade en l'Ete" instead of "Le mer de l'herbe". Name is not so important, as long as it turned out okay. I think it's reasonable -- see what you think, comments welcome... Apart from that I have been working on smaller work and will post the photos of them when finished. Check back to see them, probably in a few days. Anyway, here is the finished painting for you to enjoy, or scroll to the bottom of this page to see it larger. It is available for sale in the Nora Dunne Gallery.

Promenade en l'Ete

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