Monday, July 27, 2009

Howth Head Painting -- Day 4

Today I worked for around two and a half hours on the painting, concentrating on the sky and the land in the distance. I have used six colours in this painting so far, viridian green, lemon yellow, naples yellow, raw umber, cerulean blue and titanium white. For the sky I used various mixes of the latter two. For the land in the distance I used raw umber with the blue, and adding white to this as needed to give various shades of shadows on the hill. Then I used lemon yellow with the blue and small touch of viridian to paint some of the green specks of lighter areas. Finally I have used washes of the blue and raw umber to further enhance the bluish haze of the distance. I also worked on the sea just below the land a little, but haven't really got stuck into it yet...check back again in a day or three as I am likely to be busy tomorrow. That's it for now and thanks for stopping by.

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