Monday, July 20, 2009

Oil Painting Demonstration -- Seascape of Donegal

The following are photos of progress on a painting which I reprised recently, Crohy Head in Donegal. It was painted over approx. 20 hours, in May. I drew out the drawing using a watercolour marker which can be painted over easily. The above shows progress at about 5 hours, one of painting and four of preparation.

Each of the photos here is approximately one or two hours apart.

The above is about halfway stage of the painting and the below is about completion stage of the sea and rocks. I will post some more shots of the sky progress in the next day or so. So feel free to check back in to see it...also if you like my art, why not tell your friends to visit the site. I will be posting new art as and when I can. I am now able to offer A4 inkjet prints for sale -- price 12 euro, alongside A3 size laser prints (price -- 10 euro) of many of my most popular paintings. So if you like a painting you can send me an email regarding availability in print to

I'm going to try to raise the profile of this site, by posting on a more frequent basis as much as possible, as I have been finding an increased interest in my work from visitors to the blog. So that is encouraging. As a result, and due to the increasingly difficult environment of recession hit Ireland, I am going to concentrate on the potential market available through this medium. So far this year, I have sold almost every painting I have done, within a short period of time, approximately 2-3 months. So I must be doing something right. Apart from that, I also find that posting frequently encourages me to paint more frequently too.
Finally Cosyheart are launching their beautiful range of wall heaters featuring various artists work, including my own this August, so visit to see them.

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