Friday, July 17, 2009

A review of my art progress from blogging.

The blog is just a little over a year old. Happy Birthday! So it's time for a review!

What has it achieved in that time? I have a counter on the bottom of the page and it is now reading 8450 or so, but I reckon several hundred of them are mine. So perhaps 7500 people have viewed the blog in that time. That's an average performance as I haven't pushed it too much. As expected the english speaking countries have predominated. I haven't been the most prolific blogger in the recent months but have managed to keep the blog going. However the real value of the blog has been that I have used it as a reference point to refer people to it, who want to view my art. It has helped me to license my art, and it has been responsible for some sales. All in all, it has been enjoyable and worthwhile and I don't see myself losing interest in it in the immediate future. So I look forward to creating more art and improving as much as possible. I am very pleased with how the last few months have gone. Despite the recession, I have managed to sell pretty much everything that I have painted this year! So the future looks more than positive!

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