Friday, September 4, 2009

Finished Painting - "Lazy Afternoon"

Here is my finished painting of what I am calling "Lazy Afternoon". I took this photo in less than ideal conditions so colours are slightly off the reality but not too much. Since then I tweaked a few things but barely noticeable and because it was dark out I didn't take another photo. I just added tiny shadows on and under the decking and a few highlights on the tree on the left. I consider this painting as having worked out reasonably well but I have done better, and fellow artists will know what I mean when I say it was one where you just have to keep plugging away. Sometimes paintings are really enjoyable to do, and others are a chore. This was in-between but nearer to a chore. I am pleased with one thing though and that's that I am getting quicker. The size of this is 20" x 16" on canvas. I finished it over the course of 12 days. That's quick for me as I find it difficult to paint in long stretches - but that seems to be improving too. Sometimes it depends on the actual painting a lot too!

Tomorrow I may drive out to Howth to take some photos of the Marina. I want to paint some more scenes with items related to people in them, such as boats. I have noticed that the most popular selling paintings and the ones that all the auctioneer houses want are paintings involving people, things they use, make or are associated with such as boats, buildings etc. and scenes of local places. So far that seems to be what people are buying from my recent look at the market. Of course I could be wrong, but I am willing to explore the market for such paintings. Hence my last two paintings have had people in them.

Anyone enjoy that last posts poem?


Charlotte painting said...

Wow love your work what a great painting.

Jim Shanahan said...

Thanks Charlotte, I'm working hard to improve all the time, I want to get really good...if that's possible for me.