Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Marine Painting -- Latest Work "Evening Harbour"

Evening Harbour
This is the latest painting I have been working on. This was a difficult subject due to all the shapes which I had to draw accurately and painting all the small parts with varied colours took a long time. I underpainted with scarlet before painting this painting. I did that after seeing another artist do this. I found it interesting to paint on the undercoat but not sure if I liked it so much. It helped see what was painted but beyond that it takes some getting used to. This is 16" x 12" on canvas. Painting this difficult subject has helped me get used to more intricate painting but it was definitely harder. I think it helps though in that I become less wary of attempting difficult compositions. Hence I should be able to paint more subject matter.

I took this image from the photo reference library of domain free photos on wet canvas and it is somewhere in Alaska / Canada. Not sure where. I hope it will appeal to anyone who has done a bit of sailing or likes boats in general. That's it for now, as always comments are welcome be they good or bad. That's how I will know if this is a hit or a miss. Thanks, until next post...

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