Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Swan in Reeds -- Work in Progress March

Here's a snapshot of current progress on my next work, which is a return to what I have found to be a popular theme. Swans seem to appeal to people a lot, and they are quite enjoyable to paint. This is a square canvas, the last of three I got prepared years ago for some fantasy ideas I had, (see my paintings The dream by the river, and Symphony of silence). It is a linen canvas as opposed to cotton. This painting is not as complicated as some I have done so might progress quicker, if I don't devote too much time to my other interests. Anyway - that's it for the moment and check back over the next while as always for further updates.

If you are interested in prints or originals of my work - scroll down and feel free to email me . Prints cost 12 euro and postage should cost only a few euro extra to worldwide. They are generally A3 size or as close to it as possible, on 300gm paper and are laser prints from a high quality industrial machine. Originals are available but I never seem to have more than a few at any time due to ongoing sales, so choice might be a little limited. Prices range from 200-500 euro.

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