Friday, October 8, 2010

Daisy Flower Painting in Oils -- Update

As followers of the blog will see, I have several paintings on the go at the same time now, and this is an update of my flower painting of daisies. It is really at the end of what I generally call the first stage, which is underpainting. Sometimes, underpainting is enough in some areas of the painting but normally there is more work needed in most to create the tones and shadows which are required. Here, you can see that some parts are barely covered in paint...but to get this far has been time-consuming enough as it is an intricate painting. I like it, and hope it appeals to all you flower lovers out there. Maybe it will remind you of walking in summer meadows on a warm day.
I am considering the addition of a few butterfly, ladybird companions for the flowers. Not sure about that yet. Will think about it. Anyway, that's the short update. Continue to check in as I progress all my current paintings during the weeks ahead, and start new ones.
I am gathering a collection of work now towards a possible exhibition, and have to think about venues in a few months time perhaps. I still have a lot of work to do if I am to do that. I will see.
Also I am toying with the idea of doing a series of some subjects, as in slightly different paintings of similar themes. I haven't done this so much in the past, as I like to vary my subject matter. I do see that most artists do stick to limited subjects, and gain a following by being recognised for such. I however would rather gain recognition for being an artist capable of excelling in many types of subject. I don't want to be limited. Yet, I may concentrate on some themes more than others in the future. I have yet to decide. For now, I will try to build a style which regardless of subject is recognised as being my own.
So as always feel free to comment and enjoy stopping by. Lastly - another plug for my etsy shop, call there if you would like to buy my art as affordable prints! Jim

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