Saturday, October 30, 2010

Further progress shots...current works.

The above is the next stage of my daisies painting which is quite complex and I am reducing the amount of detail to some extent. I have painted completely the flower heads of the top rightmost daisies and still have to complete the other flowers. I will then go back over the whole painting, trying to refine and balance the emphasise of light and tones, to bring a muted feel to the background while allowing the daisies to take centre stage. Update during the week hopefully.
The above seascape is not quite there yet. I have more to do on the waves on the left and some refinements of small discrepancies in the background near the horizon and around the childrens heads. It is not too far away from finishing. I will post an update this week most likely.

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Anonymous said...

I wiil try to steal this painting. It is really beautiful Bye Jo