Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Surf Painting Seascape further progress shot

As promised, here is my latest update shot of my current seascape painting. I have done some work on the children in the centre, and although they are not finished entirely, as there is some shaping of them to do, this completes the initial covering of the canvas. This allows me to see the overall impression of how the red on the horizon looks as it is very different from the photo I am working from which is a completely blue horizon. I think that the tinged horizon adds something to the painting and shall leave it while I continue to develop the rest of the painting. I have more work to do on the waves and foreground apart from touching up the children a little more.

I am very pleased with how this is turning out so far, and have learnt a lot in the process of working on it, especially about how photos are deceiving in their capturing of what are eyes see so much better. Hence, painting from photos is not ideal by a long shot, although sometimes we have no choice. Feel free to leave comments as always if you like my work...

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Thanks Jim

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Nicole McConney said...

Nice work!I love your color scheme and subject.