Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reflections on the Blog - Painting Progress

The blog appears to be getting more traffic lately. I see that page views have edged up past 1000 per week in the last few days. I am unsure if this is a true reading but may be an indication that I am slowly gathering a presence in the online art world. Not to get ahead of myself, this is a minor amount of traffic compared to most web sites. Still can't complain. Now if it was translated into sales of my paintings!!

I have been working on a still life at an art class I have been attending since August. The techniques I am learning are really helping speed up and improve my ability, and I consider it well worthwhile so far. I have made some fundamental changes to how I approach paintings since August. I hope you can start to see it in the last few paintings I have shown here. Scroll down and compare my last four paintings with previous works. Maybe it's not so noticeable but I feel it, in speed of completion and ease of getting things right.

The above work is "Under the Cherry Tree" by John Lavery, Irish Artist. He is one of the best Irish artists and in the top echelon of Irish art, selling usually in the 100K range or higher. Hopefully I will eventually be producing work of that quality. That is one goal to aim for!

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