Thursday, November 25, 2010

Still Life -- Wine, Wineglass and Fruit in a Bowl

Above is an unfinished still life painting, I am currently working on. There is still a lot of colour balancing and refinement to do. I am unsure how much it will take yet, but I still need to alter certain parts. I need more reflections on the wine bottle and glass perhaps. I also need to work on the background somewhat. I am posting it here as a blog update, to show what I am currently exploring as I continue to learn new technique and increase my ability to paint different subject matter. It was for this reason that I chose this subject as I have seldom painted still life. Feel free to comment on the current progress of this painting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, You certainly have a lot of talent and you are doing a super job of educating yourself. Your still life has super volumes in the objects, but the edges are very sharp and tight. The shapes can't breathe. It appears that you are not painting the environment and objects as one reality. They are too separate at the moment. You also include a number of common contours which tend to flatten space. Not sure if you intended to do that. Lovely and can't wait to see you become famous like the artist you include on your blog. Fiona

Jim Shanahan said...

Thanks for that comment Fiona, I need to think about what you have said and ask more advice regarding it. I haven't painted still-life before, that I can remember. I am looking at the work of Nicholas Verrall to learn how he does it. So I bought one of his books. He seems to be quite good. Thanks once again, Jim

Young Vic said...

so cool !