Thursday, April 28, 2011

Scotland Painting - Cairngorm Forest Scots Pines Painting

Further progress shot of my painting of a scots pine forest in Scotland. This is showing a further level of refinement beyond the initial blocking in and establishment of the main colours. The canvas is 24" x 20" size which is large enough so it will take some time to work on it. I am using phthalo blue and prussian blue for the background. However I will tone that down in the later stages a bit perhaps. I will see how it progresses. I am using viridian green mixed with cadmium yellow pale, or white, or raw umber, for various greens and other shades. I also use naples yellow. I haven't concentrated on the yellow sections much yet, and have a lot to do in getting the right amount of yellow without it being too much. The main focus in refinement of the image is to get the feeling of light correct and establish depth throughout. If you are interested in learning more about this, see my post on aerial perspective. To see a previous forest painting, see Winter in the Woods, my painting of trees in snow. If you want to get regular updates of the blog, why not become a subscriber by clicking on the links on the right. That's it for today. Jim


José said...

Hi Jim,

I quite like these kind of subjects i.e. forests with light shedding through the trees.

It's interesting how when gazing throught the painting one starts discovering new elements.

Take care,



Hey Jim, if you visit Dublin soon, you can watch two portuguese football teams playing the final.
Can't remember the name of the cup though...

Jim Shanahan said...

thanks Jose, I am enjoying building up the detail in this one...

mvi said...

i like this paintingphoto to painting