Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Watercolour Fairy Painting - The Magic Lesson

I am returning to a loose end (this painting of fairies - the little sprite is receiving a magic lesson from a fairy) which needs tidying up this week, in aiming to complete this watercolour which I inked out a while back, last year if I remember or longer.... Anyway, I am interested in painting fantasy images as some followers have seen in the past. I aim to complete a few more of these type of watercolours while hopefully improving my technique. As can be seen here, watercolour is tricky and I still need to work on the background. I might decide to paint in oils even for these type of images. The main advantage of watercolour is the lovely effects you can get in manipulating the paint with rubbing alcohol, salt or various other methods. Glazing and dry brush technique, etc.. are all great and help to create that atmospheric look. Here I have used salt on the foreground rocks, but I need to improve the background and still a bit to do in getting colours to balance. I will be working on my other oil paintings along side this so check back soon for updates on them. Jim

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