Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paintings of Ireland -- Irish Landscape Art

This is a commission work which I have just finished, posted as always for your enjoyment. This is North Tipperary, and is titled Knockalough from Ballyboy and Gortnaskehe. This is a view of the north side. Here is a view of the south side. Knockalough hill is 1400 feet high and the other names are the townlands outside of Upperchurch village, which is the nearest population centre to this place. All of this landscape lies approx. 10 miles west of the major town of Thurles. In this area a few years ago, maybe 10 or so, one of the locals lived to 108 years of age, and was active until his last months. He was able to read without glasses and gardened well into his second century. Where he lived was to the right of this scene in the hills in the background. Anyway - short post , enjoy - and if you want to keep up with my blog and art progress, why not subscribe via a link to the right. Thanks Jim

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