Monday, November 14, 2011

Bear Hug -- Finished Painting of a Child with Teddy bear

This is another painting which is just finished and yet to sign, but the light was good this morning for photo's so I snapped it and uploaded it here for all to see. That's it for loose ends and I can get back to clearing commission work from off the table. I am not the most prolific of artists but seem to be improving on that score and have turned out two or more paintings a month all this year so that isn't so bad when I consider how detailed and difficult some of them have been. It's now mid-November and I look back on this year, skill-wise and feel I have made good progress. I have attempted a number of really challenging paintings and although they took a long time, I am really happy with them except for very minor parts, and feel that I have pushed onwards a good deal in ability. That said, I have new goals and paths to follow on this artistic journey, which will challenge me even more, so keep following the blog if you want to see the road ahead with me. One of my goals is to create more interesting subjects for my paintings. So I will need to improve my life-drawing and my imagination somewhat. That's all for today, as always I welcome feedback on the above. Thanks and Enjoy it! --Jim


Paula said...

It's delightful! :)

Paintings said...

It;s beautiful. Just loved your art work. I must say heart touching painting. Good job!

shilpkar said...

Hey this painting is really very good keep it up and continue to upload these kind of images so that we see your creation.