Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paintings of Trees -- Sunlight through Pine Forest

Just a quick update to show my latest painting, "Sunlight through Pine Forest", which is based on a photo I used permission for from a scottish photographer. The forest is in the Scottish Highlands. I think I have painted a lot of trees this year and hope to concentrate on different subject matter, people and horses and street scenes and interiors more in coming months. I haven't been painting such scenes before so much and would like to explore them. This was a loose end started back in April, which I have now tied up and at this moment I am down to about two paintings in progress, where I had about six a couple of months back. So now I want to clear the decks before working on some commission work and any new stuff of my own. Enjoy this painting although my photo of it is not the best. I will be in the Marine Hotel Sutton on Sunday at an art and crafts fair from 2-6pm if you wish to see my work firsthand. In the meantime enjoy this latest effort and feel free to comment. Jim