Monday, November 19, 2012

Swan Painting -- Affordable Art Show Clyde Hotel 24th 25th November

This is a busy week for me as I am preparing for the Affordable Art Show in the Clyde Hotel Ballsbridge, Dublin, which is my first Art Fair. I am also working on several paintings at the same time. The art fair is open from 10am to 6pm both Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November, and I will have all my available paintings for sale there framed and ready to go. I will also be selling prints of the majority of my recent paintings.

The above painting, I completed this week and will also be available. On another point the blog has been viewed now by just over 100,000 people since it began, and that is without me actively promoting it. Now I have to get back to doing things, so this is a quick update. Jim

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Affordable Art Show and Painting of Canadian Rockies

This is my finished painting titled "The Great Spirit". It is a reworking of a previous earlier half-finished painting of the Canadian Rockies, home to the Blackfoot and Cree Indians.
I will be exhibiting in the Affordable Art Fair on the 24th and 25th November 10am-6pm, where all available paintings and prints of my work will be for sale. It is being held in the Clyde Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin, formerly The Berkeley Court Hotel. Please feel free to look for my stand there, and see the link Thanks Jim

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reworking old painting of the Rocky mountains

The above is a painting I commenced when I was just 19. It has been in this unfinished state for many years, until I decided to "rescue" it. There had been a number of problems in the painting, with composition, perspective and overall colour scheme. The second and third photos, show an as yet unfinished painting but are steps on the way to the final reworking. Here I show them for you to enjoy and feel free to comment on what you think about it so far. Thanks Jim

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Painting Demonstration in Acrylics -- Jim Shanahan

Today this morning for two hours I was giving my first painting demonstration -- which I was invited to do for a group of about eight people. It was quite informal and the above painting was the result. It took around an hour and a half. It is in acrylics which I don't usually use, but I have painted in them before mostly when I was a teenager. The colour mixing is slightly different from oils, and they dry much quicker.
I am still continuing my exhibition this week in Clonmel Library in the County of Tipperary. So will be there until Saturday 7th. All are welcome. Thanks Jim

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jim Shanahan - First Solo Exhibition 2012

Since Monday 25th I have been hosting my exhibition in Clonmel Library, Tipperary, where I have 27 paintings on display. The above shots show me there with Maureen Purcell who is a prominent member of the local Art Organisation, STAG or South Tipperary Art Group, which is very active in Clonmel, and had just completed their own exhibition in the fortnight before mine. Like them I have two weeks of exhibition until July 7th, so if you are able, be sure to stop in and feel welcome. Thanks Jim

Friday, June 15, 2012

To the Waters and the Wild -- Swan Art by Jim Shanahan

I have just finished this painting, "To the Waters and the Wild" ready for my exhibition on the 25th June in Clonmel Library. Preparing for the exhibition is my main focus at the moment, and I have between 20-26 paintings for display depending on whether I include 5 or so works which are not from the last two years.

If I had not sold some of my better works in the past year, it would be a very strong display of my currently evolving style, but overall the work I have to show is sufficient to show my painting style. The above is typical of how my style has evolved, and from now on I shall be paying attention to refining and improving smaller aspects of my technique so as to improve it further without losing my individuality. I am looking forward to hearing the feedback on this painting, at the exhibition or here on the blog, so feel free to comment. Thanks for stopping by the blog, and check back frequently to see more of my work -- or subscribe to receive updates as I post each fortnight on average. Jim

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Horse Art -- Horse Racing Painting by Jim Shanahan -- Turning for Home

Now I am preparing for my exhibition which is on June 25th in Clonmel Library Tipperary for one week with the option of two weeks if I wish to extend it. I am very busy completing several paintings which are all in their final stages. The above horse art oil painting is called "Turning for Home". It is a large work, 28 x 20 inches on deep canvas. Feel free to post comments on it. Jim

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Ebay auction for Atlantic Drive Achill is ending

My Ebay auction for Atlantic Drive Achill is ending in the next 30 minutes on Ebay, if anyone woyld like to check it out. Above is the latest study painting I have added to ebay, Croagh Patrick. I will continue to post small study paintings for sale on an onging basis over the next while. Jim

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Irish Horse Racing Painting -- Ireland Detail of Latest Painting in Progress

The above is a first closeup look at one of my current work in progress. The painting has eight horses but this is the first that is really finished so I show closeup of this only. You can see the earlier post that shows the full painting in progress a few posts back. Here in Ireland, horse racing is a very popular sport and draws large crowds to spectate at the major festivals, such as Galway Races and Punchestown. I am working most every day now to complete this and other work for my upcoming exhibition at the end of next month. Hope you enjoy how this painting is emerging as I am very pleased with it so far, and how my painting style is becoming more settled and distinctive. Feel free to pass comments, as I appreciate feedback, thanks Jim

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Swans on Lake -- Ebay Listing by Jim Shanahan

The above is my latest painting for ebay which is going on sale today, see Swans on Lake. It should be live around 1pm Pacific Daylight Time. That's minus seven hours from GMT. Also feel free to check out my other listings, such as Achill Altlantic Drive. Thanks Jim

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Irish Landscape Art - Horse Racing Painting

The above is halfway stage or maybe a little more in one of a few paintings I have on the go at the moment. I am aiming to finish around five more paintings this month so will post them all as I do so. The above is 28" x 20". As I mentioned earlier I am busy with preparing for an exhibition in Clonmel Library in June, approx. 25th June. So I am also making display frames for some of the larger paintings. These are frames that are suitable for display but which I don't sell with the painting, so can use them again. Also this allows the buyer to choose their own frame for the painting. -- Jim

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Irish Art for Sale -- My Ebay auction this week

This week I am selling two 8" x 10" paintings on canvas board on ebay. They are landscape paintings, you can bid for them via these links or buy them immediately. See Tranquil Forest and Slea Head Kerry. As an added incentive to interested buyers I am offering free postage on these items! So feel free to browse the listings. I hope to continue listing on ebay and will be offering other smaller size artworks for sale there over time. At the moment I am concentrating on preparation for an exhibition of my work in Clonmel Library Tipperary to be held at the end of June - So keep checking back for more details nearer the time.Thanks Jim

Monday, April 2, 2012

Last light at the Waters Edge -- New Painting

This is a short post to update the blog, as it has been a while. The above is my most recent painting, although I have done some others that have not been put up here yet as they are commission work. However this one was non-commission work. I will be adding more in the next while as they are completed. I have several in progress and so hope to finish them shortly. Jim

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Paintings of Tipperary -- Garnakilka and Foilnamon

Garnakilka and Foilnamon

The above is the third painting of Tipperary landscapes which I have been commissioned to do, and I have one more which will be posted this week too. I have about and hour or so left to finish it. This was finished in mid-Jan. The name is the two townsland that are depicted, with Foilnamon being the hill/mountain on the left and Garnakilka central. Hope people who know this area can recognise it as correct, as I have taken a lot of time to get all the fields and houses in the right places. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments. The last commission is of Upperchurch village and will be up maybe tomorrow. That's it for now, Jim