Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Irish Art for Sale -- My Ebay auction this week

This week I am selling two 8" x 10" paintings on canvas board on ebay. They are landscape paintings, you can bid for them via these links or buy them immediately. See Tranquil Forest and Slea Head Kerry. As an added incentive to interested buyers I am offering free postage on these items! So feel free to browse the listings. I hope to continue listing on ebay and will be offering other smaller size artworks for sale there over time. At the moment I am concentrating on preparation for an exhibition of my work in Clonmel Library Tipperary to be held at the end of June - So keep checking back for more details nearer the time.Thanks Jim


Aiesha said...

I love it.I really like your grayed colors. And I love the edges where the tree limbs meet the sky.

Hawaiian Paintings

Melanie-Pearl said...

sure wish i had some moo-lah. :) beautiful colors.