Friday, June 15, 2012

To the Waters and the Wild -- Swan Art by Jim Shanahan

I have just finished this painting, "To the Waters and the Wild" ready for my exhibition on the 25th June in Clonmel Library. Preparing for the exhibition is my main focus at the moment, and I have between 20-26 paintings for display depending on whether I include 5 or so works which are not from the last two years.

If I had not sold some of my better works in the past year, it would be a very strong display of my currently evolving style, but overall the work I have to show is sufficient to show my painting style. The above is typical of how my style has evolved, and from now on I shall be paying attention to refining and improving smaller aspects of my technique so as to improve it further without losing my individuality. I am looking forward to hearing the feedback on this painting, at the exhibition or here on the blog, so feel free to comment. Thanks for stopping by the blog, and check back frequently to see more of my work -- or subscribe to receive updates as I post each fortnight on average. Jim