Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sardinia Cove Painting -- Quick Update

This is just a quick post to show my progress on my Sardinia painting underpainting and next layer -- still at a rough stage of filling in the main colours. The photo is a bit not true to the colours as it is indoors under artificial light. Today I used cadmium orange mixed with some venetian red as the red undercoat, with added ultramarine for darker parts. The sky is a mix of cerulean blue and ultramarine blue, with some titanium white added  for the lighter parts. The mauve undercoat helps a bit I think to add resonance. I will build up in layers to the lighter colours in the end. For the green sections, a mix of the cerulean, ultramarine and cadmium yellow is used. This is just a darker layer for starters. I will work on the shading and lighter detail as I progress. I will post further updates as I progress....

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