Saturday, July 19, 2008

Landscape Art Painting Blog -- One Month Old...

Clew Bay, Connemara, Ireland

The blog is one month old and according to statistic's most blogs crumble back into hyperspace after three months! Where will this blog be in two more months time? You'll just have to watch this space. As for me, I'm taking the one day at a time approach. One thing is, I seem to be doing more painting than I would if I hadn't the blog.

Today being the weekend, I'm going to be busy, but will manage to fit in some time for painting, hopefully. So look over the next days or so for some update on the snowscene oil painting demonstration, which I started last week.

I've been checking on the searches and the blog is on the second page consistently under searches for Irish Landscape Art, and has received a few visits that way. Therefore I may concentrate on some Irish Landscape over the next while to see if I can jump up to the first page. On that note, the above photo is Clew Bay and it's taken from the beginning of the way up to Croagh Patrick, (Ireland's holy mountain where St. Patrick climbed). I did the climb by this route some years ago. This photo shows what I mean by the changing light in Ireland. Look at the clouds in the sky, no plain blue sky here that never changes! I am considering to paint this as my next project after the snow scene, so if you like oil painting demonstrations, this is the place to be . This photo is free use from image library.
Some interesting searches have already got the blog on the first page, so the blog is finding a niche to some degree...

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The Minimalist said...

You have a wonderful blog and I hope you'll keep at it! The way to work your way up in the search ranks is to be linked to from other people's blogs. I linked to you. You might want to start a blog roll (link list) and start linking to other blogs you like in hopes they'll link back. You should also change your link to blog catalog to your profile page not the search page because I would have added you but couldn't find you. There's also a great widget that lets people bookmark you from any of the different bookmarking sites like delicious. You can follow the link to get it from any of my sites. I started blogging in Feb. and had to read a lot to figure all of this stuff out! Good Luck!