Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oil Painting...New Work

Deer foraging by lakeside.
The above oil painting is new work, just completed and is for sale. If interested email The work is oils on canvas, measuring 16" x 12". I am interested in feedback so feel free to leave comments. Enjoy it, and check again for more paintings and articles. Check here also for my ebay auction.


Francis Shanahan said...

This is good, I like this one.

Francis Shanahan said...

Looks like the same palette as the road in the woods painting. Also, I can be the grammar-nudge of this blog : "the plural of "deer" is "deer" ;)"

Jim Shanahan said...

Glad you like it Fran! ...Thanks for the quality control! I intend to check all posts carefully from now on!! Grammar slip-ups = Not good!