Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Snowscene - Landscape Oil Painting Demonstration Final Part

Snowy Track - Oil Painting Demonstration Part I , Part II and Part III.
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Now back to the painting.
The snowy track painting is finished! I finished it last night, and it took about two more hours to do so. The above photo shows the completed work. In short, I didn't have so much left to complete. I painted the white snow area again in entirety with titanium white, to brighten any dull sections, taking care to leave the shadows intact. I painted in the strands of fencing wire, using a mix of raw umber, ultramarine blue and white to achieve the correct grey colour.

Then all I had left to do was the tree. This took a solid hour of careful work. I used a mix of raw umber, titanium white and slight amount of ultramarine blue to paint the main branches in a grey. I went over these branches slightly using a browner mix. Raw umber with titanium white without the ultramarine blue achieved this. I used a slight amount of venetian red, mixed with the raw umber for the furthest branches where they really get small, but being careful to not let it get too red. As I described in my section on drawing, I compared the distances between all the elements of the tree branches to draw each part. I also constantly stood back to look at the overall shape the tree was forming. I didn't want it too big or out of shape. Also I drew a smaller tree below left of the larger tree. After the brown of the trees was looking about right, I did the very last part. Really enjoyed this bit! Putting on the snow on the horizontal branches. It really completed the tree.

Detailed view of tree
Then I had a look over the whole painting to check if I needed to do any more. There was a slight amount of touching up, tweaking of minor elements, such as redefining fence posts more clearly, lightening the mountain in distance and lightening the blue track slightly. Then it was ready to sign. I'm fairly happy with the way this turned out. If you like it feel free to hit the comment button and let me know. I enjoy to hear feedback, good or bad!

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