Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Winter Sun in New Jersey

Winter Sunlight in New Jersey
Oil Painting - Recent Work
This is a painting of the area around Watchung, New Jersey. I painted this in January. It is in oils on canvas, dimensions, 10" x 14". It is available for sale. If interested contact Jimsartemail@hotmail.com
From doing the poetry corner I realise, an awful lot of poems seem wistful or melancholy. Here's another to add to that pile. I hope it doesn't depress anyone too much!!
Fading-leaf and Fallen-leaf
Said fading-leaf to fallen-leaf,
I toss alone on a forsaken tree,
That rocks and cracks with every gust that racks
It's straining bulk, say how is it with thee?
Said fallen-leaf to fading-leaf,
A heavy foot went by an hour ago,
Crush'd into clay, I stain the way,
The loud wind calls me, and I can not go.
Said fading-leaf to fallen-leaf,
Death lessons life, a ghost is ever wise.
Teach me a way, to live till May,
Laughs fair with fragrant lips and loving eyes.

Said fallen-leaf to fading-leaf,
Hast loved fair eyes and lips of gentle breath?
Fade then and fall, thou hast had all,
That life can give, Ask somewhat now of death.

By Richard Garnett (1835-1906)

With regard to an earlier poem, "The road less traveled" I have included an update to that poem's post by adding a new link to that post, pointing to an artists thoughts about that poem and how it applies to artists. Still with me, click "The road less traveled" to see it.

Also I was reading about an emerging artist from Alabama, who is just starting to make a name for himself in the world of art, at the ripe old age of 112, yep, you heard it right, 112!! I wonder does he still have his banjo?

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Helen Read said...

Jim, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment! I am glad I found your blog - it is very inspiring! I really love the feel of your work ... and so I've book marked it and and will come back to visit! Also, I'll be putting a link onto my blog to yours! Keep in touch!