Friday, January 28, 2011

Grand Canal in Spring -- Current Work

Here is a snapshot of one of four current paintings, which are all at various stages. This is how this one looked a few days ago and I have moved forward on it since then. I have been busy as I have decided to apply for a number of artistic opportunities. I now have a venue for 2012 for an exhibition, but I would like to try for to hold an exhibition this year also. All depends on how my rate of painting progresses.
The amount of time artists spend actually painting is of interest to me. I am not the most prolific of painters, but perhaps compared to some I am actually quite okay. I have been getting more disciplined and better at breaking through the everyday resistance that all of us face when trying to motivate ourselves. There is always something else to do apart from what we should do to progress our goals. I want to read a book that has been recommended to me, The War of Art. Interesting thought that one failed painter found it easier to start a world war than to fill that empty canvas that was staring back at him.

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