Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Late Summer in the Golden Vale -- Finished Painting

Above is my finished painting of that Oak tree I started a while back. I call it Late Summer in the Golden Vale, the golden vale being the name of the rich agricultural land in this part of Ireland. It is based on a photo I took while on my way from Tipperary to Dublin. I saw this tree in an estate as I was driving a small back route which I sometimes take, heading towards the motorway. The nearest towns are called Fethard and Ballinure. The road is very windy and it's not easy or safe to stop long. So as quickly as I could I stopped and climbed up on the not too high boundary wall of the estate to get the above shot. This was around late August. I could see the start of the rusty colour in some leaves. It was a very warm day, and I tried to portray that by the colours I used in the sky and shadows. This painting is 20" x 16" on one of those deep canvases. Feel free to leave comments on it if you wish. It's great to hear what people think of my art. Thanks and stop back again to see my future work. Jim


Mrs. Nix said...

I love your trees. Lovely. Really lovely. I think this one is especially fantastic. Are you selling the original?

Jim Shanahan said...

Thanks so much for your comments, and for loving my art. Yes recent originals are for sale unless I say otherwise. Scroll down the main page and see the gallery. This painting is for sale, although it turned out so good I thought to keep it for an exhibition. Send me an email jimsartemail@hotmail.com with your contact no. if you want to discuss purchase.