Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Working on my Creativity now, the next phase...

As I grow in ability as an artist, those who have been following my blog since it started in June 2008 will have seen me changing my subject matter and trying various new ideas frequently. I have now attained a fairly high level of ability as regards painting technique, although there is some way to go yet to be as good as the really top artists. I am talking about Vermeer and Rembrandt, Lavery and suchlike. Their technique is truely amazing. However, another part and probably the hardest part now is to reach a high ability in terms of creativity. Creativity combined with excellence in technical ability is what will push me forward to becoming a really great artist. So I am looking at many different artists now and learning to think differently and look with curiosity at common and everyday things. It will take time to free up my imaginative side to the point where I can generate great ideas frequently. This is going to be hard work. I am definitely going to work on it as much as possible, and hope to be able to get there somehow.
The above painting is unfinished but closing in on the final home stretch. I will post further when finished. I created it by gathering a lot of different ideas together. I look forward to seeing it completed in the next week or so.

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